Friday, October 22, 2010

Middle figure painting

I believe many like multimedia video overlay friends have tried, and today we another play, so the pictures in the video produced wonderful films in the "middle painting" landscape. The tools used Ulead's PhotoImpact 7 and VideoStudio 6, operation method is simple.

Produced no background photos

Start PhotoImpact 7, into the prepared portrait photos.

Press the left side of the main window, select Tools on the toolbar, according to the complexity of the background picture, choose to use the "magic wand" or "Bezier curve tool" to remove the photo background (Figure 1).

"Magic wand" in the background color for comparison a single photo, select the tool a large area in the background color of Office, click on the dotted line will form a constituency, press the [Del] key to delete the background. Can use the parameter settings in the main window select the sensitivity column set to ensure the integrity of the edge portraits. Remove the blank background after a one-time hits to all selected, then right-click the mouse to select "Reverse Selection" to select the background of the portrait removed.

"Bayesian curve" tool for the complex in the background picture, select the tool click the check along the edge portraits form a closed area after the double-click the cursor into a cross to complete. And then "reverse selection" background to remove, and then perform a "reverse selection" to select Portrait.

Upon completion, save the picture as the PSD format, save time attention to check the "Save the selected range" option (Figure 2).

Production of "painting mid-stream" video

Start VideoStudio 6, new items, press the main window to the right of the folder icon, the video clips into the prepared material library.

Open the main menu "story board" option selected in the material into the video library, video editing window and drag the "video track" in (Figure 3) as the background video. Paragraphs can import video clips and pictures with the back of the portrait. Video length after editing window activate any drag adjustments to meet the needs of the entire movie clip.

Open the main menu "cover" option, activate the video editing window "covering tracks" to open the main window of the upper right corner of the "material type of" show volume bar, select "Picture" material library, the main window, right click the folder icon , will be prepared no background portrait picture into picture material library, pull it to "cover tracks", the activation by the former method to adjust playback length of the tractor, the length of their agreement with the background video. In this instance we used two video and two no background portrait, its length corresponding respectively.

Portrait import needs further adjustment, to achieve our desired results. Activation "cover track" in the portrait photo, press the top left corner of the main window of the "Animation" set the button to set the parameters (Figure 4).

Note: "Movement Type" and just set the portrait position are closely related, if the portrait from the right of the slide, we need to set the screen to portrait position of the left, and vice versa, setting out best to portrait position about half of the screen, resulting in skidded off the screen effect.

Press the main window is set up in the 顧?preview 顧?button to see the results good, for icing on the cake, then this movie for the title text with activities, make it more vivid. The main menu select the "title" option to activate a text editor title line, in the Preview window select the text you are rendering a satisfactory manner, it will drag the editor window in the "title track" parameter field set up in the upper left corner text font, color, shadow and animation methods. Last Drag "title track" in the title text to adjust the length of play, to match the background of movies with the same length.

VideoStudio has added audio features, and friends can be added according to preferences set on their own, are not discussed here.

Save or export the movie

We work all OK up! See in the preview window with the background video player, portrait slowly slide into the screen, then slowly slide out, slide in. Then the next portrait, appears on the screen is also a corresponding the colorful animated title text, a seamless integration into the new video! following the work we put saved.

Select the main window "to complete" option, where it can be stored as a custom video files, or burn directly to create a VCD, DVD, SVCD formats such as CD-ROM.

Save your movie, you can also press the [Export] button to make this movie into a rather innovative e-cards, with a good greeting card page, adjust the video size and position, generate a self-executing EXE file, you can pass it on to friends to share your happy.


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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Green ocean is no longer "lose"

Green ocean management appliances have been eaten in the sales, "loss": sales staff have fled with money, and also privately selling the goods is not recorded, and caused great losses to the company. In a sound system, standardize procedures, strengthening the information after input - green ocean is no longer "lose."

"For private entrepreneurs, because of lack of experience, it is inevitable in the management of" disadvantage. "Businesses such as sales personnel in our work secret operations such phenomena as self-serving." "Electric Co., Ltd. Ningbo green ocean is quite general manager Yuan Haizhong feeling that, "In order to eliminate the 'black box', no longer suffer, we must have a sound system, standard procedures, more important is to achieve information management. "

Be bought a lesson

Green ocean is a small electrical appliances as the leading product of private enterprise, main products are food blenders, juice machines and fully automatic soybean milk and so on, its product development, production, sales and service are all completed by the company.

In recent years, green ocean annual sales growth rate above 100%, the product of 40% national market share -50%, with annual sales of more than 100 million yuan. The expansion of markets brought with expansion of business scale. In addition to its headquarters in Ningbo, the green ocean has also established a branch in Shanghai and Beijing, and set up more than 40 offices nationwide, more than 1,000 sales outlets, constitute the vast marketing network. The expansion of the scale, also green ocean with its management of the "vacuum." In 1998, the green ocean in the sales cycle and have had many problems: sales staff have fled with money, but also the sale of goods is not recorded in the accounts without authorization, causing great losses to the company. Therefore, the green ocean determined to strengthen the branches and offices of the management and supervision.

"We first formulate a set of standardized business processes for protection from the system." Green ocean electrical audit manager Yuan Yazhen description.

Green ocean process improvement is the result of the implementation of "two management-level accounting" management system that is independent from the head office accounting, local branches and offices are only responsible for product sales, storage, delivery and after-sales service. From a financial perspective, branch offices and offices responsible for financial control, management, customer receivables, and capital to return and so on, but they do not have separate accounting function, but directly by the customer and the clearing corporation. In layman's terms, that is, do not go through branches or offices in the hand, only products sold by them.

"Although this method is to block the loopholes in management, but more manual work duplicated." Yuan Yazhen description. She said the head office and original green ocean exchange of information between offices, by telephone, fax and email implementation, the Office of the manual entry of large amounts of data transmitted after the head office, in the aggregate processing still need to repeat entry. Thus, not only the heavy workload of staff, processing efficiency is very low, but because it is artificial aggregate processing, there is a big possibility of the calculation error, it reported to the corporate management of the sales summary data reliability and timeliness than the poor, can not reach in time for leadership to understand the actual situation of enterprise sales for leadership decision-making basis for the purpose of accurate data.

As a result, green ocean began to consider the use of information technology to solve business problems, to use network management software to standardize and upgrade the management level.

Thought we should do to do with

"Our information is to play the original computer, send email." Yuanhai Zhong said. But as the number one enterprise, Yuan Haizhong very clear terms for the green ocean, as a manufacturing enterprise, product technology and research and development is the basis of product sales is the ultimate goal. Therefore, he green ocean of information to determine the core objectives of the "mainstay of the management process for the sales and service."

After examination, confirmation, green ocean decided to adopt the "UF-wei Library Distribution Management System" to enhance their sales management. "We take the initiative to the UF company." Green ocean of the network responsible Gao Feng said that "because we had been using a UF DOS version of the materials and sales management software, production management system is also used by UF U8." He stressed pointed out that the key is, "UF Wei Library Distribution Management System," Internet-based ASP model in the management concepts and functions related to the availability of business processes can be fully applied to green ocean of marketing management system.

UF distribution company responsible for the project, Hsu Wen-green ocean through analysis, green ocean of the unified management structure in fact is the company for business management and financial management, business units around the offices and the financial sector is equivalent to presence of local representatives. Thus, according to head office and the Office of the green ocean relationship between two relatively flat management features, UF Distribution Management System for design into business management system and financial management subsystem of two parts, emphasis on "networking, timely "to achieve" off-site business and centralized management. " Green ocean around the branches and offices are available through system of business processing platform, a daily orders, sales, inventory and other data entry systems, automatic processing / generating all kinds of sales statistics reports; Guan Liceng Quanxiansuishi according to the different understanding of sales, inventory and financial situation, visit the system provides data analysis for management decision-making to provide accurate and timely quantitative basis.

"Green ocean of the Yuan general did not like the speech, but for the promotion of enterprise information is very strong." Hsu recalls, "green ocean distribution management system implementation went very smoothly, and we spent about half the time their headquarters and three offices in the pilot implementation, which after nearly 40 offices are their own independent implementation. "

"The smooth implementation of the distribution system is based on our good management, and data accumulation was fully prepared to do." Yuan Yazhen responsible for distribution of the project concluded that "of course, is also the first business leaders to actively promote the construction of information . "She explained that the first phase of the pilot headquarters and three offices on the line after the full implementation is the question immediately, she has been hesitant. And it is Yuanhai Zhong's remarks that her firm had determined, he said, "the system has done is to be spent, not to hesitate in the process."

Have cast further investment 2,000,000 2,000,000

According to Yuan Yazhen introduced green ocean and implemented the "UF-wei Library Distribution Management System" In the future, the past can not solve the problems solved. Around the office with dial-up manner, into the company's Web site distribution system platform interface to operate this office, as long as the correct data entry of goods entering and leaving the system platform will automatically generate the cumulative total data, combined with the previous hand than the speed, efficiency improves several times, marketing statisticians can also free up staff to do other work. "In the manual mode, we can only 1-2 times weekly sales summary data, statistics and reports, and now every day we can at any time the Office of inventory, customer accounts receivable and other detail the amount of data in real-time control. "As a result, green ocean not only strengthened the sales management, improve efficiency, reduce the personnel occupation, but also save considerable communications and office expenses.

In addition, according to the peak introduced since 1998, green ocean, including software and computers, printers, network equipment, information technology, including hardware, months, more than two million yuan has been invested. And in accordance with the plan, the implementation of distribution management system, they will be under the company's business development, the pipeline OA systems, CRM systems and ERP systems. In 2-3 years, green ocean will be more than 200 million information technology investment.

"Green ocean of information technology experience is 'said a pound'." Yuan Haizhong said proudly.

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Tomcat for a similar visit to password IIS

For example, you want to control access to ROOT directory file: First change the $ TOMCAT_HOME / ROOT / WEB-INF / web.xml

1. And was inserted between the

Entire Application
/ *



2. And then in the $ TOMCAT_HOME / conf / tomcat-users.xml to add

names and roles of the corresponding web.xml

Tested by the TOMCAT4.03

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IP address errors caused by routing anomalies located

We all know to configure routers and three switches must be careful when routing, IP address and subnet mask are not a little mistake. Recently, I discovered during debugging a network IP settings of the machine will result in improper routing anomalies.

Fault Description

I always like to network unit debugging, the company recently launched a Web site requires the external debug access connectivity. I use the laptop in the company's server farm to do a debug and modify the IP address of, is to visit the site IP address is, the domain name "". After commissioning, the unit where you can normally access the site. After returning home I try to ADSL access. Because ADSL uses PPPoE dial-up IP address changes without prior access can be normal, so I did not modify the settings in the company's notebook PC dial-up IP address on a hasty visit, SOHU, SINA no problem, QQ and MSN can also be normal login, alone can not access the server company, there's a message that "page can not be displayed", the author used the domain name visit, fault still exists.


In order to find the source of the problem, I immediately called to colleagues at home through ADSL access test site, the results either by IP address or domain name, he can be a normal visit. Therefore, I will locate the root cause of failures in the local computer, and started investigation.

The first step: As the company uses a firewall, so Ping IP is unable to obtain feedback, so I use TRACERT command. At the command prompt type "tracert" and found immediately on the emergence of "Request timed out". This shows that the packets sent to not reach the first routing device.

The second step: to check whether the DNS problems, on the command line mode, enter "nslookup", then enter "" and hit return, found that DNS server can correctly resolve the IP address " "illustrate the problem has nothing to do with DNS.

Step Three: Try the IP address of the neighboring track, that is, the command line mode, enter "tracert", the results can be found in the packet routing information through the five routing equipment.

Step Four: Enter the IPCONFIG command, I found the local computer's IP address is still set in the company's, subnet mask of I suspect that is the cause of the failure to set production, once the IP address chosen automatically. After the failure to re-dial-up solution can be a normal visit to the home server unit.

Failure Analysis

Computer's IP address I will re-set to, the fault occurs again. In the command line mode, enter "route print" check this machine route, only to find the root cause of failure (see Figure). Originally set the local computer IP address, so visit this segment, the system will direct the data packets sent to, and not sent to the default gateway address, which led to can not find the correct routing information.


With this failure, we get such an experience that should pay attention to the local IP settings, if the IP address of the local routing anomalies caused by improper settings, there will be access to certain segments can not normal phenomenon. We proposed such a failure in the event of cancellation of the unwanted use of IP.

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Ballmer want to trample on the spot once again boomed iphone

See their employees use rival products, how would you do? Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer (Steve Ballmer) had to suffer such a thing, but he can not be furious. Of course, he would not let such a good temper good opportunity for ridicule.

Attending a company meeting in Seattle, Ballmer's admission as usual, was welcomed by everyone. He is also blunt, sit back and relax, walk, to encourage to encourage everyone. And in this, his sharp-eyed employee found him in the use of iPhone camera. So he went over, took from the hands of employees iPhone, the crowd boos, he published a "particularly interesting" mocking remarks. Of course, this does not end, he walked away before he iPhone on the ground, and made to pedal position.

Such events is not new for Microsoft. As we all know, Microsoft has been prompted as much as possible - but not force - its staff to avoid using Apple products. Microsoft Windows Mobile team members are not allowed to use iPhone, and even created a "iPod Trash" called staff abandon iPod, switch to Microsoft's own Zune player. Ballmer also said he was not allowed to use the Apple product family.

However, not all Microsoft employees can not use Apple products. Microsoft's Xbox Live programming director Lalilibo (Larry Hryb) on the regular use and talk about his MacBook Pro laptop.

U.S. tech blog authors 鎵樺痉姣旇倴鏅?(Todd Bishop) on this irony, is an Microsoft Windows Mobile projects in the slow progress, which leads to his employee to use iPhone. He said: "Ballmer might do better in the future, employees are reasonable grounds to choose Windows Mobile, rather than select competitors.

This could be a Microsoft employee staple of jokes, they have Twitter on the record in this matter. Jobs do not know how to see this response, will be in the new ads hit back then?


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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Haier to Beijing and then become suddenly troubled PC business

Haier Computer, "moving the capital," Beijing move, shake the entire PC industry, IT sector was originally "foreign monk", is finally becoming authentic "insiders" of the. Haier will be settled after Beijing what the new strategy?

November 28, sunny, on this day, Haier Computer, "moving the capital," Beijing, settled in the national IT industry, distribution center, naming "Haier Information Technology Co., Ltd.."

On this day, Beijing is also noteworthy day PC industry, IT sector, which had been considered "foreign monks" of the home appliance manufacturers, but today has finally become a typical "IT insider" of the.

"If you do not come to Beijing, Haier computer may never become mainstream." Haier Information Technology Executive of the outside world to become very familiar with Haier's vision, he said that this was the first time in 22 years will be a single product of Haier Group, Qingdao headquarters to move out.

"It seems that Haier is really 'grown up', from under the wings of the old hen out later, Haier probably will be more 'Houshengkewei'." Peer-to give a feeling a PC.

Home to take the initiative to fight

"Lenovo's PC market share within the monitoring and analysis, the Haier was listed separately, it is sufficient to prove the degree of attention Haier and Lenovo." One has worked in the industry, company executives told reporters the post said.

In fact, no matter where on the one hand that is not Nenggen Lenovo Haier now considered a heavyweight in, so, if we say, Haier, Lenovo is already a competitor, and perhaps still too early.

However, the association's concern for Haier is also obvious. Was said two years ago, in the Haier "Done" IT channel Hengchang later, Yang had already in private industry friends to inquire into the case through Haier. Today, more than two years after Hale's "triumph", the association include the Haier "special observation list" reasonable.

But Founder and PC with the parties and other enterprises in Beijing, the situation may be somewhat different and the competition can be said to approach the house was.

According to IDC's research report, Haier 2005 "comeback IT" after the offensive strength to the second quarter of 2006, its consumer notebook computers have entered the field of the third, the same table lists the TCL came in fourth, while Founder row in the 10th. Moreover, Haier computer dealers have never denied that they had done with the Founder or the product side. Moreover, Haier among information technology executives, PC Chan Yun-manipulator of people with AIDS was originally a side server general manager, Chen-Pin Chou, general manager of business operations center was originally a PC business, TCL Corporation manipulator of people (TCL Digital Vice General Manager and General Manager PC Business Group Operations Center) and so on. Haier entered IT after the solution of its talent-hungry major way is from the "Friends of the business" there "for help" and now, Haier to Beijing, and with the trade, "a bloody war for talent should started a. "

In fact, Haier's IT talent war has touched the Lenovo, Haier move the opening ceremony, the first stage of the Haier Information Technology vice president and general manager of notebook business unit, is in November just think "digging" over the Lenovo notebook former female executives Liu Chun, the collective appearance of the new team, the service also comes from Xiaxue Guang, general manager of Lenovo Services business development.

"We used to find the right people in Beijing, Qingdao and let people work there is always wronged people, now moved to Beijing to have no fear of this." High to become later in Beijing, "dig" will be more liberal and certainly no scruples.

In fact, in addition to talent, in the field of commercial PC Haier will also increase Hukouduoshi intensity. "Beijing Information and more convenient, which makes the reaction faster Haier." High to become the "get information" move to Beijing as an important reason. With the industry analysis, large commercial customers mostly concentrated in Beijing, Haier, "moving the capital" after Beijing, will greatly facilitate its expansion in the commercial market. "While many large customers is completely open tender, but still can not remote control and the flexibility to adjust strategies of local firms with a trial of strength." The people who say so.

"Overall, Haier, Lenovo attention, not because it felt threatened, but that it embodies a potential long-distance running type player, this very terrible." Who leave the industry from the association on news analysis said, "Haier is basically not to suppress the market in a price war, skillfully taking market share, but a long-term strategy. At the same time it also has good performance of foreign markets. Moreover, Haier computer's strategy is to be integrated into the overall strategy of Haier Group among, as long as the Haier Group Haier is not to give up the computer, the computer that Haier would definitely be considered as a worthy competitor of the enterprise. "

To the festival site to join in the IDC Guo Xin, President of China would seem to point in response to the above: "Ten years ago, IDC found that the great Chinese IT company Lenovo. Today, we find, Haier also has the potential to become another famous Chinese IT sector companies in the world. "

"Wolf" won the IT market

Move the opening ceremony, China 3C store almost all the famous scene, when the formation, the journalists felt from another perspective, computer 3C channels Haier's strong advantage, but this advantage is now force many traditional PC vendors by less than a short board.

It is understood that, in 2007, GOME total underwriting Haier 100,000 computer products, Haier Group and the National US cooperation in the total amount of more than 10 billion yuan, the country also has set up the U.S. end the "National Beauty - Haier management body", specialized services Haier products Sales matters; Suning Appliance Haier 150,000 computers underwriting products, Haier Computer Shucu Suning's sales growth during the more than 800%; and November 24, Haier has with Hongtusanbao and the world's largest IT distributor United Kingdom Main signed a strategic cooperation agreement, announced ambitious three packs of 2008, Ingram purchase 400,000 units Haier computer ... ... in many PC makers to re-emphasis on the value of 3C store today, Haier was the mud in the 3C store is undoubtedly the envy of.

Even more interesting is that in celebration of his speech, 3C store more than three veterans also seems to swing-up of the ring, competing that in 2008 the amount of cooperation with Haier computer will not be less than 2007.

"If in addition to the advantages of 3C store, Haier it when no other strengths, but the facts seem to suggest otherwise." Said this is done before a product with the party, now doing business Haier computer channel. In his view, the dealer brought Haier to Beijing three good, one will be faster out of Haier household appliances when left to do before the industry and trade patterns, more IT-based; Second, integration of various resources will be better ; 3 will introduce more and better IT professionals. "Given that the three positive, since we will be more cooperation with Haier smoothly, of course, want to join the camp of Haier IT distributors will be more professional."

Yang, general manager of Intel China Region to Beijing Haier evaluation of the high Syria, he said, "Haier to Beijing is not an exam, they have passed the strict test of the market. Haier will launch a PC industry the second surge of development, especially in notebook computer field. "

The high initial disclosure to become a new strategy Haier computer, there are five major areas of contention will be: is ranked first in notebook computers "to go directly to the first camp"; second is to develop the international market, "the domestic market next year, some is a Red Sea, while the overseas market is the blue one. " It is understood that the computer has to enter the 2007 Haier 21 countries and regions, 2008 to achieve new breakthroughs; third is the rural market, Haier has been that the more rural areas to go, the more advantage of Haier, "We know that in rural areas What the user in the end "; the fourth is the commercial market, Haier now in education, government, SMEs have made force field, the next goal is to vigorously develop large enterprise market; fifth is looking for acquisition opportunities. Just recently, Haier has been acquired in a business in Shandong, and the future, this acquisition will continue.

1 IT has a lot of critics saying summary sense, a few years Qian Zhang Chairman of the Board Directors of the Haier Group Haier proposed not only dance with the wolf, Hai Yao himself first and foremost into a wolf's words, now is practice with high-Yi Cheng Zhang's words, "take advantage of the Haier 3C is 'Wolf' wins IT market."

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Professional VCD SVCD DVD to iPod

Professional VCD SVCD DVD to iPod is a professional video converter to convert almost all popular video/movie formats to iPhone MP4 format. The output iPod MP4 video files can be played on your Apple iPod. All popular video/movie formats are supported, including AVI, MPEG/MPG/DAT, WMV, ASF, MP4, M4V, 3GP, 3G2, H264, MPEG4, AVC, MOV, QT, DivX, XviD, VOB, FLV, etc. The amazing output quality with super fast conversion speed is brough you by the built-in power MPEG4 encoder. All the output iPod MP4 videos fit your Apple iPhone.

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